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Roby Francis and Darly Roby, our partners, sharing the stage with Hon. Minister Shri. P Prasad, M.P Shri. A.M Ariff, M.L.A Shri Chitharanjan, Shri. R. Nazar, Shri. P.V Sathyaneshan, Shri. C.K Surendr

Solar power plant

Cricket tournament 2023

Tug of war champions - Men's team and women's team 2023

Our newly formed FW charity Trust was inaugurated on 22nd April 2023 by M.P Shri. Adv. A.M Ariff by distributing 7 wheelchairs

Onam was celebrated with much excitement and included pookalam making (flower carpet) followed by sadya (traditional lunch served on banana leaf)